Encouragement: For Dogs and Their People


The Angelic Messenger Cards help us understand why things happen and what they mean. Intuition helps us speak to our angels.

On Friday, April 11th, the Angel Encouragement arrived to explain my present challenge, the message, my opportunity, and how to specifically apply the knowledge.


Yes. I’m posting this on Hooker’s Horde: The Dogs’ Blog because the sooner I respond to these questions and learn the answers, the better Dog Mom I can be. . . the better person I can be. . . .the more love I’ll have to give.





Believing in your healing even when it seems as if you are falling back into old obsessions.


You have drawn this card to reinforce your belief in yourself and your ability to change and heal your life. You may feel as if the old fears and obsessions are gaining strength again because your inner assurance and self-confidence may be slightly shaken by some recent event.


This is a time when you may need to face the transforming of your old patterns by yourself, since friends may be withdrawn into their own concerns. You are being guided to understand that you can do whatever is required to heal because you have invoked divine love to help you begin a new life. You are ready for improved physical health, for relationships with people who are themselves healthier and more capable of sustaining a relationship with you, and for the means to be of service and to value yourself.





Transformation is the process of healing your separation from God. And although you think your problems stem from rejection, abandonment, or trauma at the hands of other people, you are actually facing your desire to release fear and accept love from yourself and God. Encourage yourself in your efforts to preserve with these positive changes. Continue your meditations and empowering inner work, and you will come into the safe and peaceful waters of divine love.


You might wonder why you are experience resistance to the positive changes and repatternings that you are trying to affect in your efforts to heal. The resistance comes from working to abandon your fears rather than continuing to fear being abandoned. Your outer mind, your rational self, has served you well in the past by helping you put aside the memory of painful experiences so that you could meet new people and try again to find love. But this mental programming is presently sabotaging your efforts to reawaken these old feelings in order to heal rather than to erase them.


You may have decided to love yourself, all of you this time, even including the parts that lay deeply hidden. You may be deciding that even the fearful obsessions and inner anger is only your small child inside crying out to be loved and held. So place your arms around your body and feel the love from us, your angelic teachers. We understand your pain and also seek your healing. You are needed on the Earth and you have the ability to heal through love.




The guidance coming to you through this image is for you to persevere in your efforts to grow spiritually and to transform fear into love. The white perfection of this flower image tells you that all change is possible when seen in the light of the divine perfection. The center path of gold leading into the depths of the flower is the symbolic of your life path of awakening and taking you into the heart of the Universe.


This guidance is suggesting that every healing path leads ultimately toward God but that you are requested to choose a single path of spiritual study and to stay for the time being with this focus. You are being encouraged to resist temptation to stop and start your spiritual study, or to switch spiritual teachers, or to alter your present regimen. You have entered a time of perseverance and self-encouragement in order to nourish your life and yourself.



Your mind and your spirit both vie for your attention during the day. In order to practice giving your spirit and its loving attitude priority, try this exercise. Choose a specific day and begin with a short centering meditation, with your eyes either open or closed.   Merely accept that you are loved and are capable of generating love in every corner or your life and with every person.   Keep this “I-am-growing-in-love” attitude in your day; try to keep it in your heart as you interact with colleagues at work. To remind yourself that you are seeking to maintain this loving attitude, place an object on the counter or on your desk, and every time you look at it, remind yourself that you are loved. Re-affirm this love for yourself all the way through the day at least once every hour.


How do you feel by nightfall? How difficult has it been to take your attention from what you were doing or thinking and to place it on love? Each time you feel unloving toward yourself or others, place your hand over your heart and reawaken your divine connection.






Stillpoint Publishing

Angelic Messenger Cards for Divine Guidance

Meredith Young-Sowers


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