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Leaning in and Pulling Up

Sheryl Sandberg teaches women to Lean In. Take a seat at the table. Contribute. She also speaks about mentors. In her book, Lean In, she writes “Don’t Ask Anyone to be Your Mentor.” Rather than asking for a mentor, she advises women to ask … Continue reading

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Zits and Zippers

Yesterday, I had a first date. Before showering, I discovered a massive blemish growing above my lip. (One would think that at 45, one would no longer suffer from acne.) I popped it. Well, I tried. There was not a satisfying … Continue reading

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I Wear Maxi Pads, not Maxi Dresses

This year, my bestie turns 50! To celebrate, she is having a DISCO party and invited all of her guests to dress for the event. One neighbor is struggling to find an outfit. I suggested a maxi dress. She replied, … Continue reading

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David Bowie? Boy George?

V:  (to J & Me) I really want to go to a symphony concert this summer.  Are either of  you up for it? ME:  Do you want to be my date for David Bowie? Mrs. H. (V’s 69-year-old mum): Is … Continue reading

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Drinking Donuts

Sitting at Sammy’s Bistro.  Two girlfriends, one three-year-old and me, Crazy Aunt Julie. GIRLFRIEND 1:  How are the salads?  I need to lose that last five pounds. GIRLFRIEND 2: I’m having the Buffalo Chicken salad, but it’s pretty much just … Continue reading

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The First and Only

ME:  Do you have pets? HIM:  I have fifteen plants. I also collect movies. I have 1,200 on VHS and DVD. I collect art, too. Pets would make a mess. ME to MYSELF:  This date could end before the waiter … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, but No More Ugly

During the longest night of the year, December 21st, Winter Solstice, I wrote down my fears and pain. Then, I released them into the stars to float away. Tonight, I wrote to the Sheriff to explain why I was not … Continue reading

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