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23 Years Ago

Today is my anniversary. 23-years ago, I married Dwight Hooker. That is a half-life ago. Today, I celebrated. First, with my dear friends, Melissa and Tara, I had brunch overlooking the Park City Golf Course in a development Dwight would … Continue reading

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MOM-versations on Medication #2

When we checked mom into the rehabilitation center, we had the following MOM-versation: NURSE:  Do you wear hearing aids? MOM:  No, but I should. ME: You should have said, “what.” MOM:  What did she say? Lynn, her dear niece, and … Continue reading

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Walking Away

This made the rounds on Facebook.  I re-posted it. It resonated with many of my friends. Today, I was reminded how difficult it is to walk away. In November, on Thanksgiving night, I was assaulted by the man I loved. Pinning … Continue reading

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Take Me Back to the Start

I just watched The Judge with Robert Duvall. He stayed in our cabin at Sundance and Dwight called him “Bobby.” Bobby’s character, Captain Augustus McCrae, in Lonesome Dove is Dwight. He was a man who loved. At the end of The Judge, Willie … Continue reading

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Enough at the Egyptian

Almost 25 years, when I was a sophomore in college, Dwight took me to see Same Time Next Year at the historic Egyptian Theater in Park City. A few weeks ago, feeling a bit blue, I visited with an old friend … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty: Happy New Year

My dad tucked me into bed every single night. Somehow, definitely with a bit of magic, he moved his hands like the birds in Sleeping Beauty as he pulled up my blankets and patted them down around my shoulders and chin. … Continue reading

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Basic Human Decency, Respect and Grace

Back in 1993, what feels like another lifetime, Dwight and I moved into a one-bedroom condo on the seventh floor or The American Towers in downtown Salt Lake City. The idea of living downtown was charming. Everything was within walking distance. … Continue reading

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It’s Going to Be a DWIGHT Christmas

It’s Going to Be a Dwight Christmas After All A few days ago, someone Dwight loved very much met me at my front door, handed me a box and told me, “Here. Here are some of Dwight’s ashes. He would … Continue reading

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15 Things I Learned in 2015

15 Things I Learned in 2015 Love unconditionally. Be generous. Be honest. Be worthy of trust. Be grateful. Move forward. Tell your story. Forgive. Forget, too. Set boundaries. Stay inside the boundaries you set. It is okay to have a … Continue reading

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Just Like the Grinch

Years ago, I attended a chakra workshop. We drew our chakras. When I stepped back from my 11″ x 17″ paper, I saw that my heart was small.  It was so small compared to the rest of the chakras that … Continue reading

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