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My Year of No Shopping Starts Today

In a piece by Ann Patchett published in the New York Times, Patchett tells the story of her friend who made a conscious decision that she had enough stuff.  For one year, her friend did not buy shoes, clothes, jewelry or purses. … Continue reading

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Men Are Like Unicorns

In the movie Footloose, filmed here, in Utah, the question “Where have all the good men gone?” was posed. Yesterday, my neighbor asked me the same question. “They don’t exist. They are like unicorns,” I explained. “I’m beginning to think that’s … Continue reading

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Passwords, What’s the Secret?

MOM:  Do you want to know the code for the garage door? ME:  Only if you want me to have it. MOM:  Well, it my difficult to remember. ME:  What is it? MOM:  _ _ _ _ ME:  What does … Continue reading

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My Goldilocks Paradox

Yesterday, Jeff, my big brother, took me to breakfast at Penny Ann’s Cafe. Waiting for my Eggs Benedict with home fries and toast, I snapped a selfie with Jeff. Jeff looked great. His smile was warm and natural. I, on … Continue reading

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My Coffee Cups are Antiques

When I was 22, in 1993, I bought a set of six tea cups from Crate and Barrel on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and shipped them back to Salt Lake City. It never occurred to me that something I bought new could … Continue reading

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Gus’ Trust

For three years, Gus lived in a puppy mill. To be honest, I do not and cannot understand what his life was like. I am, even as a rescuer, unable to look at photos from puppy mills. In 2010, he … Continue reading

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Questions from Under the Covers

Questions from Under the Covers   For years, I prided myself on never taking a sick day. What I didn’t realize was that, even though I tried not to breathe on students or colleagues, I was spreading my nasty germs. … Continue reading

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4-Letter Words

We knew we were in trouble if mom said, “Oh! H-E-double. . .” But, she never finished it. At six, thinking I was smarter than my parents, I wrote 4-letter words on paper and delivered to my mother at the … Continue reading

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Walking Away

This made the rounds on Facebook.  I re-posted it. It resonated with many of my friends. Today, I was reminded how difficult it is to walk away. In November, on Thanksgiving night, I was assaulted by the man I loved. Pinning … Continue reading

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Enough at the Egyptian

Almost 25 years, when I was a sophomore in college, Dwight took me to see Same Time Next Year at the historic Egyptian Theater in Park City. A few weeks ago, feeling a bit blue, I visited with an old friend … Continue reading

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