Ease & Contentment

In the traditional sense, a mission statement explains why an organization exists and what purpose it serves. 

A few years ago, I wrote a mission statement – for me. I spent time writing it. I considered my values. I thought about what mattered to me. I don’t like drama. I do like contentment. I love peace and ease. I need quiet. I love animals.

“I will use my time, talent and treasure to live a life of ease and contentment.”

A friend runs a successful business and when employees, including his children, have an idea, he considers it in the context of the mission statement. If it does not forward and adhere to the company mission, it was no – a FAT no. 

Now, granted he makes and sells mattresses. Making and selling mattresses is different from using my time, my education, my skills, and my money to live a life of ease and contentment.

And, for the first few years, I knew that the way I was using my time, my talent and my treasure was not bringing me a life of ease and contentment. 

I was stubborn.

I thought if I did enough, pushed hard enough, and kept trying, I could force a life of ease and contentment.  

Ironic, huh?

I don’t make resolutions. Instead, I set my intentions for the new year on the Winter Solstice. It’s on that night, the longest of the year, that I can reflect on the past and plan for the future.  

So, on December 21st, 2021, I committed to checking in with my mission statement.  If something or someone did not support ease and contentment, I didn’t do it.  

There are silly things that happen in the course of a day like, “if I stop at Chevron for the frosted donut with sprinkles and eat it, my tummy will be happy, my mouth will sing, and I will have a sugar high.”  

But, there are bigger things. Things like, “should I continue to spend money on Match.com to see shirts-off selfies in bathroom mirrors and photos of Harleys?”

The thing is, that last bigger thing, led me to a place where I can use my time, my talent and my treasure to live a life of ease and contentment with someone who brings out the best in me. 

One cannot be more at ease and content than sleeping late surrounded by all the love in the world.

About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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