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And in the End

2017 And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make January The Hooker Horde celebrated snow and Princess’ tenth birthday. Our Berner Bunch of Buddies cheered for us. Somehow, Princess overcame the odds. Even … Continue reading

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My Year of No Shopping Starts Today

In a piece by Ann Patchett published in the New York Times, Patchett tells the story of her friend who made a conscious decision that she had enough stuff.  For one year, her friend did not buy shoes, clothes, jewelry or purses. … Continue reading

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HIM:  What are you going to do on your second day off? (I’m a school teacher, so yesterday was my first real day of summer.) ME:  Nothing. HIM:  What? ME:  Nothing. HIM:  No.  Seriously.  What do you have planned? ME: … Continue reading

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Fangirling at 45

Urban Dictionary defines a “fangirl:” A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. Years ago, Dwight’s oldest granddaughter, Heather, visited Sundance in the summer. Redford was hosting the annual Sundance Institute with … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things #875

Spring Fever hit the Hooker Horde and Home today. Houston was ready to start watering with the rain barrel. Then, trying to listen to Hamilton, Houston decided he didn’t like either of the remotes. Finally, because I stopped to buy lingerie … Continue reading

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Dwight’s Bucket List: Tabernacle to Temple

No one ever accused Dwight and me of being “conventional.” It just wasn’t our style.   Perhaps, I should say, it isn’t our style.   With 42 years between us, we dominated the Trivial Pursuit board as a team.   … Continue reading

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Bigger Broken Hearts

In eighth grade, I barely made it through the dissection of a frog in Mr. Webb’s science class at Churchill Junior High.  Even though I grew up watching my dad sick from his heart failure and endure and open heart … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty: Happy New Year

My dad tucked me into bed every single night. Somehow, definitely with a bit of magic, he moved his hands like the birds in Sleeping Beauty as he pulled up my blankets and patted them down around my shoulders and chin. … Continue reading

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Basic Human Decency, Respect and Grace

Back in 1993, what feels like another lifetime, Dwight and I moved into a one-bedroom condo on the seventh floor or The American Towers in downtown Salt Lake City. The idea of living downtown was charming. Everything was within walking distance. … Continue reading

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Gratitude Jar: from Solstice to Solstice

On the longest night of the year, Winter Solstice, I released all of the sadness from 2015 into the stars. Then, I started this gratitude jar. From the longest night to the shortest, I’ll drop in a word, a phrase, … Continue reading

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