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MOM-versations on Medication #2

When we checked mom into the rehabilitation center, we had the following MOM-versation: NURSE:  Do you wear hearing aids? MOM:  No, but I should. ME: You should have said, “what.” MOM:  What did she say? Lynn, her dear niece, and … Continue reading

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MOM-versations on MEDICATIONS

Mom got a brand new knee on Monday. She is officially the BIONIC MOMMA.  The MOM-versations on her MEDICATION rock. The day she left the hospital, I took the day off (personal day) to move her. When I arrived, she … Continue reading

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My Goldilocks Paradox

Yesterday, Jeff, my big brother, took me to breakfast at Penny Ann’s Cafe. Waiting for my Eggs Benedict with home fries and toast, I snapped a selfie with Jeff. Jeff looked great. His smile was warm and natural. I, on … Continue reading

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Another Mom-versation

On the phone . . . ME:  Where have you been? MOM:  I had to go to Trader Joe’s. They were out of my Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies so a nice girl told me she would save six boxes for … Continue reading

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My Coffee Cups are Antiques

When I was 22, in 1993, I bought a set of six tea cups from Crate and Barrel on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and shipped them back to Salt Lake City. It never occurred to me that something I bought new could … Continue reading

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