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Hu-Mom, We Have a Problem

There is nothing worse, for me, than having a dog who does not feel well. Without words, it is difficult to ascertain what is wrong. At 2:30 am, Houston started to vomit. He coughed, almost like a cat with a … Continue reading

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Where is My Cabana Boy?

Hu-mom thought it would be super funny to pose me on the Adirondack chair with a hat and post, “Where is my cabana boy?” Me?  I didn’t think it was half as funny as she did.

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Gus’ Trust

For three years, Gus lived in a puppy mill. To be honest, I do not and cannot understand what his life was like. I am, even as a rescuer, unable to look at photos from puppy mills. In 2010, he … Continue reading

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Being Betty White in the Bathtub

It’s tough to be an old broad. I get it.  I was born in 1970. My mother calls me “middle-aged.” For my Betty White, yesterday was not pretty. She’s old. She’s deaf. She’s toothless. I’m pretty sure she has dementia. … Continue reading

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Too Much in Response to “Dispatched Too”

Perhaps it is the English teacher inside me.  Or, maybe it is simply that I have high expectations for those that hold public office. Regardless, to receive an email from the Wasatch County Sheriff that demonstrates his inability to master … Continue reading

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82 Years of Love

A Love Letter . . . to My Mom Dear Mom, Thank you for putting candy hearts in my lunch. Thank you for slicing my apples and oranges. Thank you for keeping our house clean enough “to do open heart … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, but No More Ugly

During the longest night of the year, December 21st, Winter Solstice, I wrote down my fears and pain. Then, I released them into the stars to float away. Tonight, I wrote to the Sheriff to explain why I was not … Continue reading

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My Navigation

This letter does not get me to my heart’s desire, like Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass. But, it is the least I can do. It is all I can do. I’m not a sailor.  I’m not a pirate. I’m a writer. … Continue reading

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Navigating Like Captain Jack Sparrow

Navigating Like Captain Jack Sparrow   Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass appeared broken and useless. In reality, it had supernatural powers that directed the owner to what he or she most wanted.   Life might be a lot easier with a … Continue reading

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Questions from Under the Covers

Questions from Under the Covers   For years, I prided myself on never taking a sick day. What I didn’t realize was that, even though I tried not to breathe on students or colleagues, I was spreading my nasty germs. … Continue reading

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