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MOM-versation on July 26th

ME:   (on the telephone) Hello, Mother! MOM:  I was just about to call you. ME:  What were you going to call me? MOM: (pause) My smart beautiful daughter. But, I was worried you may have tried to call and … Continue reading

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Zits and Zippers

Yesterday, I had a first date. Before showering, I discovered a massive blemish growing above my lip. (One would think that at 45, one would no longer suffer from acne.) I popped it. Well, I tried. There was not a satisfying … Continue reading

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I’m Hot and NOT in a Good Way

For the last quarter of a century, I have lived in the mountains. First, at Sundance and then in Park City. Traditionally, mountain homes were not built with air conditioning. And, every year, there were three or four nights when … Continue reading

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A Maxi Dress is Not As Absorbent

NEIGHBOR:  Come over for corn on the cob. ME:  Okay. NEIGHBOR: (Carrying cold Sauvignon Blanc, 4 cobs of corn, and the butter dish.) Do we need napkins? ME: No. I’m wearing a maxi dress. NEIGHBOR: A max dress is not as … Continue reading

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Dating with Dogs: A Primer

Dating is hard.   Dating with dogs…is interesting.   In addition to the normal questions that run through every single person’s mind (What should I wear? Am I showing enough boob?  Too … Source: Dating with Dogs: A Primer

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I Wear Maxi Pads, not Maxi Dresses

This year, my bestie turns 50! To celebrate, she is having a DISCO party and invited all of her guests to dress for the event. One neighbor is struggling to find an outfit. I suggested a maxi dress. She replied, … Continue reading

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23 Years Ago

Today is my anniversary. 23-years ago, I married Dwight Hooker. That is a half-life ago. Today, I celebrated. First, with my dear friends, Melissa and Tara, I had brunch overlooking the Park City Golf Course in a development Dwight would … Continue reading

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