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David Bowie? Boy George?

V:  (to J & Me) I really want to go to a symphony concert this summer.  Are either of  you up for it? ME:  Do you want to be my date for David Bowie? Mrs. H. (V’s 69-year-old mum): Is … Continue reading

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I Cheated on My Boyfriend

Just like Mackenzie in Newsroom, I didn’t know I was in love with my boyfriend, #greenchef, until I cheated on him. Mackenzie:  I didn’t know that I was in love with you, too, until . . . Will:  You cheated on … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Men with Certain Sensibilities Just Aren’t That into Me

Recently, a longtime friend started stopping by to visit and chat. In my next life, I’m going to be a therapist. He is a man with certain sensibilities. He is an anal clean freak. When he makes dinner for a … Continue reading

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Drinking Donuts

Sitting at Sammy’s Bistro.  Two girlfriends, one three-year-old and me, Crazy Aunt Julie. GIRLFRIEND 1:  How are the salads?  I need to lose that last five pounds. GIRLFRIEND 2: I’m having the Buffalo Chicken salad, but it’s pretty much just … Continue reading

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Passwords, What’s the Secret?

MOM:  Do you want to know the code for the garage door? ME:  Only if you want me to have it. MOM:  Well, it my difficult to remember. ME:  What is it? MOM:  _ _ _ _ ME:  What does … Continue reading

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HIM:  What are you going to do on your second day off? (I’m a school teacher, so yesterday was my first real day of summer.) ME:  Nothing. HIM:  What? ME:  Nothing. HIM:  No.  Seriously.  What do you have planned? ME: … Continue reading

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Eating Inappropriate Things

This afternoon, I found a feature on Facebook called, “How to Stop 5 Dangerous Dog Behaviors.” Curious, I clicked on it. The first behavior to stop is “Eating Inappropriate Things.” Whenever my dogs eat inappropriate things, I blame myself. Today, … Continue reading

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