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Murphy Brown & Eldin, the Painter

From 1988 -1998, Murphy Brown brought relevant politics to comedy.  The show also introduced us to Eldin, the painter.  Brown, a journalist, hired Eldin to paint her townhouse.  Somehow, he never finished. A few years ago, I hired my own version of … Continue reading

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The Newest Party Foul

Double-dipping, bringing an inexpensive bottle of wine, being “over served” and loud — those are party fouls with which I’m familiar.  We’ve all seen those.   Yesterday, at the salon, I was introduced to a new party foul.  Before blowdrying … Continue reading

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6 is the Magic Number

Last night, walking with my neighbor, we talked about feeling “overwhelmed.” Someone once told her to make a list of SIX things to accomplish each day. Six is manageable. More than six, becomes overwhelming. I’m trying it today. 1. Feed … Continue reading

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Relationships– Just Like Feeding the Dogs

Relationships – Just Like Feeding the Dogs   As an English teacher, I avoid math. The only time I “do” math is when I multiply Charlie’s original IQ of 68 in the novella, Flowers for Algernon, by three on the … Continue reading

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Liquor Laws

Growing up LDS in Utah, the liquor laws that so many complain about were irrelevant to me until I grew up. In the late eighties, to get a drink in a restaurant, one had to get up from the table … Continue reading

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It’s More Than a Dog Walk

I’ve written about this before. . . when I walk my dogs, it’s more than a dog walk. It’s a commitment to engage with my neighbors and my community. I wish I’d taken a picture tonight. Faith, Booker, Gus, Daisy, … Continue reading

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