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Eating Inappropriate Things

This afternoon, I found a feature on Facebook called, “How to Stop 5 Dangerous Dog Behaviors.” Curious, I clicked on it. The first behavior to stop is “Eating Inappropriate Things.” Whenever my dogs eat inappropriate things, I blame myself. Today, … Continue reading

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A Modest Mom-versation

After the Annual Bark Hawk Station Easter Egg Hunt, my family returned to my home so Jeff could help me rearrange art and furniture because my FAT LADY, a 6′ x 4′ canvas, is being stretched. The only wall where … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things #875

Spring Fever hit the Hooker Horde and Home today. Houston was ready to start watering with the rain barrel. Then, trying to listen to Hamilton, Houston decided he didn’t like either of the remotes. Finally, because I stopped to buy lingerie … Continue reading

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The First and Only

ME:  Do you have pets? HIM:  I have fifteen plants. I also collect movies. I have 1,200 on VHS and DVD. I collect art, too. Pets would make a mess. ME to MYSELF:  This date could end before the waiter … Continue reading

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Hu-Mom, We Have a Problem

There is nothing worse, for me, than having a dog who does not feel well. Without words, it is difficult to ascertain what is wrong. At 2:30 am, Houston started to vomit. He coughed, almost like a cat with a … Continue reading

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Gus’ Trust

For three years, Gus lived in a puppy mill. To be honest, I do not and cannot understand what his life was like. I am, even as a rescuer, unable to look at photos from puppy mills. In 2010, he … Continue reading

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Questions from Under the Covers

Questions from Under the Covers   For years, I prided myself on never taking a sick day. What I didn’t realize was that, even though I tried not to breathe on students or colleagues, I was spreading my nasty germs. … Continue reading

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