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I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.

Another Mom-versation

Driving to mom’s fluff-n-fold. MOM:  What are you wearing? ME:  A dress. MOM:  Does it zip on both sides? ME:  Yes. MOM:  So, you have to zip it from the bottom? ME:  No. I just pull it over my head. … Continue reading

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11 Things I Did Not Know about Getting Old

11.  Always order the expensive glass of wine. At 47, I can’t drink more than one without getting a headache. 10.  Arthritis.  It’s a real thing. 9.  Physical therapists are super heroes sans capes. 8.  Acne is still a thing. … Continue reading

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Can Openers for Old People

Arriving home from school is an adventure. When I press the garage door button, the dogs perk up, rush the laundry room door and bark “hello.” I back into the garage, shut off the Element and put the garage door … Continue reading

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MOM-versation about G-Ma-ing the Dogs

Booker T. Washington is having a stay-cation at his G-ma’s house. Growing up, my brother, Jeff, always (and I mean that literally) stayed at my Nana’s house. One night, I planned to sleepover. But, when mom came to tuck me … Continue reading

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And in the End

2017 And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make January The Hooker Horde celebrated snow and Princess’ tenth birthday. Our Berner Bunch of Buddies cheered for us. Somehow, Princess overcame the odds. Even … Continue reading

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My Year of No Shopping Starts Today

In a piece by Ann Patchett published in the New York Times, Patchett tells the story of her friend who made a conscious decision that she had enough stuff.  For one year, her friend did not buy shoes, clothes, jewelry or purses. … Continue reading

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Being Heidey Hooker by Booker

Welcome Heidey! Since I am the oldest Hooker in our home, I thought I’d give you a little advice on being Hooker. Hooker.  It’s a thing. Not everyone can be one. We are Hooker’s Horde. Mom is not a hoarder. … Continue reading

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MOM-versation about Poop and Driving

ME: Standing in my driveway, holding a roadie that she cannot see since I’m talking to her on the phone.  She wouldn’t even know what a roadie was. STILL ME:  I can’t chat for long; I have to go to … Continue reading

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A Manic MOM-versation

MOM:  Slow down. ME (unloading groceries from the car): What? MOM: Slow down. ME:  This is my speed. MOM: You and Jeff move too fast; it’s not healthy. ME (pausing): What? MOM: It’s not good. Moving that quickly is unhealthy. … Continue reading

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A Visit from Saint Keri

‘Twas the night before my first day of school, when all through the horde, all the creatures were stirring, chewing, and digging. Honey, in all her puppy cuteness, decided to dig while I sipped what I thought would be my … Continue reading

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