#3: Faux Fur is Fabulous

I was invited to celebrate Christmas Eve with old friends in my old neighborhood. For years, well, forever, I’ve been guilty of getting into a relationship, putting all of my energy into that, and neglecting the friends that really love me.

I didn’t make it to Christmas Eve at Jodi’s last year.

At 2:18, Jodi messaged me:  

Last year Juliann and Vanessa wore their mother’s fur coats to our cocktail hour. They are going to make a tradition out of it. Juliann is so excited. I only have a faux fur scarf, but if you have something like that, please wear it.

Being a vegetarian that tries to avoid animal products like leather or fur, I messaged back:

I will go full on Keeley in faux fur.

After getting dressed, I stood in front of Kenneth’s umbrella stand, the only full length mirror in my home. 

Tucked up in the corner is the post-it note I made with his message to me:  Calm down and get back in your groove.

Standing there, I thought, BOSS. ASS. BITCH.

A few months ago, two students painted a box pink and filled it with biscuits – just like on Ted Lasso.  They wanted to have “biscuits with the boss” and considered me, “the boss.”  What a compliment.

Moving into 2022, find your BOSS.  ASS.  BITCH.  I recommend starting with faux fur.

About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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