Everyone has Their Own Agenda

Bob and Dwight were chatting after Bob Maynard, the then General Manager at Sundance, built the Screening Room.

Bob: I just think Maynard has his own agenda.

Dwight: Bob, everyone has his own agenda. Most just don’t reveal it to you.

Often I heard Dwight talk about “everyone having an agenda.”

It is true. Everyone has an agenda.

And, that is okay if the agenda does not hurt anyone.

I want to practice an agenda of kindness, compassion, intelligence, and humor.

However, too often, I fail.

I let people down when I over-schedule myself. I show up late, or not at all. I am short; not fun-sized, but short-tempered. I speak without thinking. I walk without a smile.

Moving into 2017, my agenda is to slow down. Slowing down will allow me to practice kindness, compassion, intelligence and humor.

Politicians should have agendas. However, those agendas must be superseded by an agenda infused with civility, growth, and understanding.

Do senators and representatives have team building activities? Do they spend the first few days of each session playing icebreaker games, getting to know each other, and finding commonalities?

Dogs have agendas. Each day they eat, walk, play, wag, sleep, and cuddle. Those agenda items can be completed in any order.

Princess’ agenda is to heal.

Her healing is remarkable because she does not harbor grudges or dwell on the past. Instead, she is present.

I have another agenda. I want the woman who over-bred, under-loved, and neglected Princess to stop breeding dogs.




About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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