Houston here.  Today is my “GOTCHA” day. Two years ago, our friends LC (the mom) and dad from Reggie’s Friends, put me on a plane in Houston to fly, all by myself, to Salt Lake City and my hu-mom, Julie.


Since there was a bro-fur, Gus, waiting for me, my hu-mom, planned to change my name from “Thor” to “Ranger.” You see, Gus was rescued, too. He was named for Captain Augustus McCrae in Lonesome Dove.

Hu-mom was super anxious. She left for the airport early to make sure she could find me when I landed. My plane was late.

I had an accident in my crate on the plane, but hu-mom didn’t care.  She scooped me up and took me to a grassy spot for pictures.


That’s me with my hu-mom.

Then, we drove to Grandma’s house.


Grandma couldn’t remember the name “Ranger,” so mom called me “Houston.”

In two years, I’ve done a lot.

13466506_10154291490244451_5151844942119674413_nI taught myself to read while mom was at school. In regard to The Five Love Languages, mine is physical touch. I don’t see very well in the sunshine and I don’t hear, but I understand love.

This is my bro-fur, Gus. He doesn’t like it when I try to roughhouse before going for a walk, but I think he likes me.


This is Gus and me on our chair. Behind us is the wall of love. My painting is on top. The blue background matches my eyes.

13138963_10154180243004451_1388174190721548556_nOur hu-mom goes to school each day. This is how she pays for our house, food, and toys.

Gus and I like to celebrate when she gets home. It’s not a paw-ty without confetti.


Park City is a LOT different from Houston.  We have SNOW.


This is a picture of my whole family in the snow.  There’s hu-mom (the 2-legged one); Faith, my sister, the Berner; Booker T. Washington, the all black Cockapoo; Gus, the puppy mill rescue; and, Betty White (she’s can’t hear either).

I have a feline sister named Maude.  A few months ago, hu-mom got me a kitty.  His name is Harold.


My sister and I go for rides in the Element with hu-mom and to the car wash.

On Easter, we dress up and hunt for eggs. Even though I can’t see very well, I found them all and showed all of my friends how to open them.

Oh, on the right is my whole family.  That’s Uncle Jeff, Gramma, and Cousin Lynn.

After Easter egg hunting, I get so tired, I fall asleep with toys in my mouth.


I like to support local businesses. This is me with a bottle of High West.  (Mom doesn’t let me drink it.)


It’s a mighty STREETLIFE TO SWEETLIFE and I wouldn’t be here without Reggie’s Friends.





About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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