I Cheated on My Boyfriend

Just like Mackenzie in Newsroom, I didn’t know I was in love with my boyfriend, #greenchef, until I cheated on him.

Mackenzie:  I didn’t know that I was in love with you, too, until . . .

Will:  You cheated on me with your ex-boyfriend.

#greenchef and I had a blind date several months ago.


He dropped off a box filled with organic goodness, recipes, and creativity. The box held three meals for two; but, really, it was three meals for four because the portions were huge.

#greenchef hooked me up with three meals for just the cost of shipping. Then, I started giving him $71.94/week.

I was really happy.

But, mom had a coupon for MUNCHERY. For $25.97, they would send me meals. I skipped a week with my boyfriend and MUNCHERY delivered. The first package came with an apron.


Naturally, my friends mocked the MUNCHERY name. But, in addition to the unfortunate name, the packaging was lacking. The sun dried tomatoes leaked, products were not organic, and the recipes were unclear.

My boyfriend, #greenchef, provided me with organic fresh goodness, including eggs, and detailed recipes with “pro chef tips.”

Since my boyfriend, #greenchef, allowed me to “skip” deliveries, and I was cheating anyway, I invited The Purple Carrot to deliver.

But, just like a late date, sometimes there is overlap. The Purple Carrot and my boyfriend overlapped.

In addition to fully prepped delicious ingredients, #greenchef provides recipes, nutrition facts, and time frames.

I showed Vanessa the recipes.


She grimaced. “Oh, I can tell you right now, go back to your boyfriend.”

So, just like Mackenzie, I had to cheat to find out that I am really in love.



About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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