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4-Letter Words

We knew we were in trouble if mom said, “Oh! H-E-double. . .” But, she never finished it. At six, thinking I was smarter than my parents, I wrote 4-letter words on paper and delivered to my mother at the … Continue reading

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Walking Away

This made the rounds on Facebook.  I re-posted it. It resonated with many of my friends. Today, I was reminded how difficult it is to walk away. In November, on Thanksgiving night, I was assaulted by the man I loved. Pinning … Continue reading

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Take Me Back to the Start

I just watched The Judge with Robert Duvall. He stayed in our cabin at Sundance and Dwight called him “Bobby.” Bobby’s character, Captain Augustus McCrae, in Lonesome Dove is Dwight. He was a man who loved. At the end of The Judge, Willie … Continue reading

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Enough at the Egyptian

Almost 25 years, when I was a sophomore in college, Dwight took me to see Same Time Next Year at the historic Egyptian Theater in Park City. A few weeks ago, feeling a bit blue, I visited with an old friend … Continue reading

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He was . . .

Dwight and I were fortunate to see Four Weddings and a Funeral when it screened at Sundance. Last night, after President Obama’s State of the Union Address, I found it on one of the movie channels. I weep when I see Matthew read Funeral … Continue reading

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Dwight’s Bucket List: Tabernacle to Temple

No one ever accused Dwight and me of being “conventional.” It just wasn’t our style.   Perhaps, I should say, it isn’t our style.   With 42 years between us, we dominated the Trivial Pursuit board as a team.   … Continue reading

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The Gift of a Mantra

When I need to re-channel, re-focus, and center, I repeat, “I am unconditional love, trustworthy and generous. I attract the same.” Today, Mar, my massage therapist found all of the places in my body that were out of balance, disconnected, … Continue reading

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Dogs, Donuts, and the Divine

Dogs, Donuts and the Divine At the end of 2015, a year I did not particularly enjoy, Faith’s sister from another litter was diagnosed with cancer. “GETTING FAT” was added to her bucket list. I keep the Affirmations for the … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Love

On Thursday, my feelings were hurt. So, just like when I was in second grade, I cried to my mom. My mom is almost 82-years-old with bad knees and macular degeneration. But, after hearing me at 8:30 in the evening, … Continue reading

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Eeyore: Be Inclusive

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