Dwight’s Bucket List: Tabernacle to Temple

No one ever accused Dwight and me of being “conventional.” It just wasn’t our style.


Perhaps, I should say, it isn’t our style.


With 42 years between us, we dominated the Trivial Pursuit board as a team.


We were “Dwight and Julie.”


We will always be “Dwight and Julie.”


And, now that I have his ashes, we are going all kinds of places. (Okay, I didn’t actually need to have his physical ashes to take him with me. Our pet psychic/clairvoyant told me he’s here most of the time.)


Anyway, most of Dwight is in the same can where we kept Tommy. Mixing. Just how Dwight wanted it.


We may have been a bit flip about death. Dwight actually suggested we snort his ashes.


Instead, I wrapped a bit in a plastic bag and dropped him in an orange jewelry bag. Now, Dwight goes with me. Typically, he travels in my Kate Spade purse.


Today, with my mom and his buddy, Bert, we toured the Mormon Tabernacle turned Temple in Provo. Dwight, Dan, Bert and I attended midnight mass there.
Dwight would have LOVED being with mom, being with Bert, and seeing the exquisite architecture and renovation.


Now, we can check that off our bucket list.

About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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