The Perks of Being a Junior High School Teacher


One of the perks of teaching junior high school is SPIRIT WEEK.  Every few months, the Student Council produces a Spirit Week.  It is designed to get everybody on the same page, celebrate our school community, and dress up.

Yesterday, I realized that I had spent the entire week in STRETCHY PANTS.

Nacho Libre – Stretchy Pants

On ‘Merica Monday, I wore white sweatpants.  For Team Tuesday, I was in blue stretchy pants with my Detroit Tigers jersey.  Then, on Why Try Wednesday, I rolled out of bed and went to school in my dog pajamas.  I pulled out my Lululemon tights, a giant gray sweatshirt without the neck, hot pink leg warmers and a headband.  Looking like Olivia Newton John ready to Jazzercize, I taught my classes.

Spirit Week 1

Finally, on Flannel Friday, I realized I spent the entire week in stretchy pants, eating chocolate and Red Vines.

FullSizeRender (9)

Teaching junior high school has perks.


About hookershorde

I am a school teacher, animal advocate and rescuer, yogi, and happy!
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