Simplifying Scarves and Smiling


One of my favorite bloggers, Tiffany Green (home@hearthstone) posted “Scarf Solutions” a few weeks ago.

I commented that the InterDesign Axis Tie/Belt Rack in Chrome featured in her blog looked like a great solution.  Tiffany suggested I “hold off” while she did additional tests.  A few days later, two racks arrived from Amazon for me.

Tiffany and her blog changed my life and made it easy for me to get dressed.  But, more than that, Tiffany made me feel like a super model.  She listened, or read, my comments.  Then, cared enough to surprise me.

In addition to teaching me tips for organizing everything from scarves to batteries, this blog inspires me to get up, get out, and do!

About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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