Thank You, 2014. Welcome 2015!


Thank You, 2014

2014 was difficult.

I was ready to kick it to the curb and leave the heartache, fear and sadness behind me.
Then, my friend, Solomon, posted this on his timeline: “We tend to demonize a past year and hop the best for the coming year. No, the past year should always be appreciated because it propels us to a new year. Thanks 2014. Welcome 2015.”

He’s right. I was demonizing 2014.

But, because of his post, I appreciate 2014. While I learned hard lessons, I became the recipient of great compassion, grace, and warmth.
I learned to ask for help.

On Sunday, I asked Ash to help me put gas in the snow blower. In addition to helping me, he and Rihelle listened and gave me big hugs.

On Christmas Day, I texted Jodi and asked her to go to my house and check to see if I blew out the candle on my kitchen counter. She did. In addition, she smooched on the pooches.

When my soldiers were exhausted, my Kaibab family sent reinforcements literally and figuratively.

Teri reminded me that when I give into depression and overwhelming sadness, my light and love does not go where it is most needed.

At school, when I tried teaching with the flu, Emily offered to teach my fourth period for me. When I do not pack lunch, Melissa picks up bagels.

When I found out that my beloved Dwight was in ICU on a ventilator, Noelle, Mark and Carmen invited me to raise a glass to him. They helped me celebrate him.

Over and over, when I felt scared or sad, Vicki reminded me that it was okay.

My mom checked on me every day.

Whether rock hits my windshield or the Element needs new tires, whenever something happens with my car, Jeff fixes it. But, more than that, he fixes me.

Now, that I know how to ask for help, I appreciate the lessons I learned in 2014. I am grateful for the challenges.

Mostly, however, I am thankful for 2014 because I understand that I have friends that love me.

Welcome 2015!

About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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