Magical Maggie Mae


Magical Maggie Mae (A Rescue Story)


One afternoon, when Jeff was in the second grade, a classmate’s mother brought in a litter of kittens for Show and Tell. Jeff fell in love. After begging, pleading, and making promises to his parents, Blackie came home.


Once Jeff moved out and into his own home in St. George, he adopted Abby. Abby crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 1998.


Jeff was cat-less until 2012. A close friend told him about his Uncle Dick’s cat, Maggie Mae. Maggie Mae’s human was in his late seventies and had to go to a care center to help with his progressing Alzheimer’s disease.


Dick’s long-time partner cared for Maggie Mae. She procrastinated on selling the house.

But, sweet longhaired Maggie Mae was living in the house all alone. People came and went. They moved things. It was a very anxious time for Maggie Mae. She started to hide.


Realizing Maggie Mae would not have a place to live once the house was sold, Jeff offered Maggie Mae a home.


Maggie Mae arrived in her cat carrier at Jeff’s house. Unsure about her new home and traumatized by the previous three months, for two days, she hid in the carrier.


When Maggie Mae stepped out of her carrier, she rolled around and purred in the living room to mark her new territory. She loved the positive reinforcement and attention from Jeff.


Now, Maggie Mae meows at the door when she hears Jeff’s car in the driveway. She snuggles into bed and purrs. When Jeff is speaking on the phone, Maggie Mae talks, too.


“Maggie Mae is the most loving, sweet and appreciative cat I’ve ever known,” explained Jeff. There is something about how a rescued animal loves that is different. In addition to being unconditional and unwavering, a rescued animal loves with a heart full of gratitude.


While Jeff rescued Maggie Mae, she rescued him right back with her warm heart, purring, and gracious company.

About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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