Designer Clothes and Careers — On Your Own



A few days a week, I work at an eclectic boutique on Main Street in Park City. Housed in an historic hotel, above the Thai restaurant and next to a fur store, the shop carries a variety of world designers from Brazil to Salt Lake City. Each designer has a story, just like every customer.


Currently, the window features a hand-painted dress and skirt along with lovely little cocktail dresses.


With the summer tourist season, people walk up and down Main Street all day long. Last week, a vibrant, talkative, authentic and articulate young woman came into the shop.


“Is this your first time in the boutique?” I asked.


With some shyness, she said, “Yes. The dresses are just so beautiful I wanted to see them.”


Tentatively, she reached to look at the dresses, scarves and jewelry.  I explained that the clothing ranged from a designer from Mexico who priced everything under $100 to much more.


“Are you visiting Park City?” I questioned.


“Yes. I’m from Provo.” (For readers outside the state of Utah, Provo is the home of Brigham Young University and is predominantly LDS.)


“Where do you go to school?”


“Provo High,” she replied. “Everything in here is so beautiful. I can’t get over it.”


As a schoolteacher, I have some idea about the age of children and asked, “Are you a sophomore or a junior?”


“I will be a junior next year. I just got my driver’s license. I love it here in Park City.”


She chatted amiably and comfortably.


With a longing look she said, “Maybe someday I’ll marry someone with a successful career and I’ll be able to wear designer clothes.”


Hiding my upset over the idea that she needed a man to wear designer clothes, I suggested, “Or, you can have a successful career and do it on your own.”


When should one wear designer clothes? Whenever one feels like it!


About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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  1. amysalyer says:

    And its 2014… sigh….


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