Just One More Soldier

Faith, my Bernese Mountain Dog, does not like hearing the doorbell ring.  Nor, does she like knocking on the door.  (Halloween is not our favorite holiday.)  So, to avoid any added angst, we posted this sign on our front gate.


It’s rare that I come home to find packages next to the gate, but today there were two.

I didn’t recognize the address on the first, so I opened it.  Inside, I found RECOVERY.

photo 1-2

Someone realized that for my little soldiers and me to fully recover and be in our best form, we needed protein.

The other box was covered with stickers.  I saw the return address.  It was from Barbz.

photo 1-1

Since Faith isn’t one for dressing up for holidays, I figured Barb may be sending her a MAY DAY outfit.

I savored the packaging.  But, more than that, I was grateful.  I was taken aback that someone who I only know through Facebook posts, thought I was important enough to send a package.

It didn’t matter what was inside.  I knew Barb was sending a soldier.


We, Barb and I, know each other through Kaibab Bernese Mountain Dogs. We’ve never met.

Rather than rip into the box, I walked the dogs and loved the feeling of being “enough” to receive the package.

When I sliced through the tape, I found a card.


Then, I found beautiful fragrant soaps and lotion.

Buried inside glittery pink paper was a real soldier.

soldier with soap

Now, he’s sitting on the mantle next to the mural of the dogs.  He came in sparkly, shiny, fit and well-groomed — like any good soldier.  He reminded my 100 soldiers how to stand up and be brave.

Solider with paw

For me, however, the gift was enormous.  I don’t have words to explain how much it means that Barb thought enough of me to send a soldier.


About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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