The Hair of the Dog – Literally



My personal motto is “Never share a bathroom with someone with whom you are not sleeping.”  In my entire life, I’ve only had one roommate with whom I was not sleeping.  I moved out after one month because her long brown hair was everywhere.

One of my pet peeves is hair.  I don’t mind hair when it is attached to the body, but I get skeeved out of my mind when I see it in the sink, on a pillow, or in the shower.  

The funny thing is, I don’t mind that Faith’s fur is covers the carpet under my bed like a fine cashmere.  

I’m fine when, as I’m brushing her, fur dark brown fur mixed with white and copper balls up in clumps around us.

And, I don’t mind unscrewing the drain cover in my shower and fishing it out with my polished fingernail.

I’m okay with the hair of the dog, literally.


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