Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy – Twice-a-Day

10 August 2013


With the end of Shark Week, I have the opportunity to reflect on the FEEDING FRENZY that happens in my home twice a day.


With four dogs, special diets, and medications, mealtime is giant juggling act.


To keep Faith’s right eye bright, she starts the day with a drop of Dicoflenac Solution.  Five minutes later, she gets a drop of Prednisolene Opthalmic Suspension (after I shake the bottle).


During those five minutes, I pry open Booker’s mouth and insert ½ a Tramadol to help with his back pain and hand him a vanilla-flavored Duralactin to help manage the long-term inflammation.



In the meantime, I celebrate Gus jumping up on my legs and barking. Since Gus started out in a puppy mill, these moments of “real dog” behavior are cause to par-tay.


When I open the icebox to pull out the can of pumpkin and wet food, Timmy’s right there.  Even though he can’t see very well, he enjoys the cool air and scoping out what’s coming his way.


That’s when I pull out a ¼ tablet of Temaril P and crush it under a spoon on the granite counter.



I walk from the kitchen into the downstairs powder room where I keep the dry dog food.  Two giant Tupperware bins filled with prescription dog food crowds the tiny room. 


First, I scoop a stainless steel bowl full of TD chunks.   Then, I add a cup of WD to the bowl for Faith.


Then, I fill two blue and white porcelain coffee cup saucers with WD.  I top those off with four chunks of TD.  The coffee cup saucers are just the right size Booker and Gus.


Gus picks up a toy, squeezes it until it squeaks, and then runs up the stairs.  Zoom.  Boom.  He slides back down, comes into the kitchen and barks.


I smile.  Once upon a time, the rescue said, “He may never be a real dog.”  He’s a real dog.


In the smallest bowl, I scoop wet food, sprinkle on the crushed Temaril-P, and drizzle water on it for Timmy.


Finally, I use a tablespoon to drop pumpkin into each bowl.

Timmy skids across the hardwood floor as he follows me to the laundry room.  He eats in the laundry room so the other dogs won’t be tempted to lick up his wet food with the medicine. 



Next, I pick up Gus’ bowl.  He bounds up onto the sofa.  I place his bowl in the corner on the towel.  But, sometimes, he wants to eat on the landing.  Wherever he goes, I follow with the food.





Then, I pick up Booker’s and Faith’s bowls.  I set Booker’s down next to the door.  Faith’s sits on the first step.  She eats the fastest, so I serve her last.




When everyone has their food, I poor a cup of coffee and clean up the mess.


Around 4:30 in the afternoon, we do it all again.


About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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1 Response to Feeding Frenzy

  1. sallyatthelodge says:

    Brilliant! My husband commented the other day that – with the amount of times we pick the bowls up and put them down on request of each dog – our feeding time lasts all day 🙂 x


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