The Scent of a Dog’s Paw


Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. 


In 1992, Al Pacino won an Academy Award for describing The Scent of a Woman in the film with the same name.


NOTHING compares to the scent of a dog’s paw. 


A dog’s paw smells like grass, rain, and sunshine mixed with whatever fell off the floor during dinner.

About hookershorde

I am a school teacher, animal advocate and rescuer, yogi, and happy!
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4 Responses to The Scent of a Dog’s Paw

  1. O says:

    Aren’t they supposed to smell like popcorn? Unfortunately I don’t have a paw to smell 😦


  2. Julie Anne Silva says:

    My Corgi’s paws always smelled like Fritos. I’ve since seen other people say their dog’s feet smell like Frito’s.


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