5 Reasons to Choose Man’s Best Friend Instead of Man


Top 5 Reasons to Live with Man’s Best Friend Instead of Men

27 July 2013


5.         Farting

When dogs fart, they don’t laugh.  Instead, they look surprised.  Faith, my Bernese, looks back at her nether regions and lifts her eyebrows.


Almost every woman I know has suffered when a partner cuts loose in bed and traps her under the covers with the stench.  Dogs don’t do that.


4.         Watching TV and Movies

Dogs don’t hog the remote control.  We can watch what I want, when I want, and how I want.  If I need to get another beverage, they’re happy for me to hit PAWS.


3.         Sleeping

The dogs don’t pull the covers off of me. 


Instead, Faith sleeps and snores under the bed.  Gus has his zone on the guest pillow.  Booker moves from the snuggle position to the foot of the bed.  And, now, Timmy, the 14-year-old terrier-mix, sleeps with his head on the pillow.


There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of snoring dogs snuggling while they sleep.


2.         Being

Dogs require me to be wholly present.  It doesn’t matter if I’m having a bad day or if I’m tired, they need to be fed.  They need to be walked.  Dogs force me to get out of my head and into the present moment.


1.         Knowing

Dogs know.  Dogs know when to give sloppy kisses.  Dogs know when to put their heads in your lap or paws on your knee.  Dogs know when you need them to love you. 


About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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2 Responses to 5 Reasons to Choose Man’s Best Friend Instead of Man

  1. Bassam Salem says:

    So funny, Julie…so funny :).


  2. Claire says:

    Hit “PAWS”……*perfect*


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