Be Like Carrie Mathison — Former CIA Operative



Like Former Operations Officer, Carrie Mathison     

21 July 2013


What do I have in common with Carrie Mathison on Homeland?


We both have a Weber 516001 Grill on our patios.  The grill uses a disposable propane cylinder.  That’s handy for women our size.  She’s 5’5”, one inch taller than me. 


She wears a 34 A, I’m a 34 B. 


Our “house” wine, the wine we drink when we come home from work, is usually under $10 and white.  She keeps bottles of Cupcake and Concannan.


In Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Logan Hill describes Carrie as “A Workplace Hero” who “tramples on procedure, disobeys orders. . .She’s arrogant, hotheaded, unmanageable, and utterly unencumbered by either office politics or geopolitical reality.” 


If it’s the right thing for my students, I’ll trample on procedure and disobey others.  Some think I’m arrogant, hotheaded and unmanageable.


If it’s the right thing for my community or my HOA, I’ll trample on procedure.  I’m hotheaded.


I prefer Oscar Wilde’s term.  I do not suffer fools gladly.


An FBI Agent tells Carrie, “There’s no bridge you won’t burn.  No earth you won’t scorch.”


In the season one finale, when Carrie submits to shock treatment, Saul tried to talk her out of it.  She explains she can’t take the bipolar disorder anymore.  He says, “Yes, you can.  You’re the strongest person I know.”


Dwight told me I was strong. 


From now on, I’ll try to BE more LIKE CARRIE.

About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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