Good Morning!


Morning Meds

20 July 2013


Rolling over, I look at the clock. 


7:00 am.  It’s summer.  I want to stay in bed, listen to the birds and watch the green leaves on the Aspen trees dance in the blue sky. 


Gus starts to stir on the pillow next to me.  He sits.  Stretches.  Then, jumps off the bed and shakes his ears.


Booker stands.  Then, he walks down the ramp at the end of the bed.  He shakes.


Under the bed, Faith pushes her paws against wall.  I envision the scratches on the latte-colored wall.  She slides on her belly, gets up, turns around and pokes her cold nose next to mine.


I swing my legs off the bed, scoop Timmy up and set him on the floor.


The Hooker Horde is so excited to be up.  It’s like this is the very first time we’ve ever gotten out of bed.


I don’t even have time to pee.


Opening the bedroom door, I walk through. 


Then, they BANG through.


Down the stairs we tumble.


I open the back door and out they go.


While they do their business, I finally get to pee.


Then, when I open the sliding glass door, they bound in anxious to eat.


First, I stop Faith to put a drop of Diclofenac Solution in her right eye.  I look at the clock on the microwave and note of the time.


Then, I put a Tramadol way at the back of Booker’s mouth.  I kiss the top of his head and rub his throat until I feel him swallow.  He squirms away and shakes his head.


I open the icebox while all four dogs watch and wag.  From the middle shelf, I pull out a can of pumpkin, two cans of wet dog food and Pedialyte.


My favorite wine is Conundrum.  It’s a blend of whites.  Like me, Timmy prefers a blends.  If I don’t blend the really expensive “feed this to your dog if he is anorexic” with a somewhat less expensive chicken-flavored wet food.


I crush ¼ tablet of Temaril-P for Timmy and squeeze 1mL of Orbax into a syringe. 


In Timmy’s tiny bowl, I blend the wet food and sweep the crushed medicine and what’s in the syringe onto it.  I top it off with a spoonful of pumpkin and Pedialyte.  Finally, I dribble warm water on it.  While it sits, I walk into the powder room with three bowls.  (I know. . . classy!  The dog food is in giant containers in the guest bathroom.)

Each bowl gets a mix of TD and WD.  Then, I top it with a scoop of pumpkin.


Gus runs and jumps on the sofa.  He prefers to eat on the sofa.  I deliver his bowl first. 


Booker eats near the bench in the entry.  He gets the next bowl.


Finally, Faith eats on the bottom step. 


After they have their bowls, I scoop Timmy up in my left arm and pick up his bowl in right hand.  I carry him into the laundry room to eat.


I check the time. 


It’s seven minutes after Faith’s eye drop.  Time for the second drop of Prednisolen Acetate Ophthalmic Suspension.


While my coffee brews, I fill a glass from the filtered water in the icebox and take 3 probiotics, B-12, calcium with vitamin D and fish oil.  (Ick.  I wish those pills weren’t so big.)


I need a nap.


But, once everyone eats, we’re on our way out the door to chase tennis balls in the open space.


About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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