Welcome Timmy







The Person that Needs Timmy the Most


11 July 2013




As a hu-mom who celebrates animal rescue and believes that animals matter, I “friended” a number of like-minded people on Facebook.  Today, I found “shared” this post:  Dogs have a way of finding the person who needs them the most.”




A few hours later, Timmy arrived.




I got the call yesterday.  Timmy was found running on 21st South in Salt Lake City.  21st South is a busy street.  He is lucky and the world is blessed that he wasn’t hit and killed.  A pair of senior citizens, like Timmy, rescued him and, somehow, contacted my friend, the Executive Director of a rescue.




When she called me and told me his story, I knew he’d be okay here, in the Hooker Horde.




Timmy’s about fourteen-years-old. All of his teeth have been pulled and his tongue dangles from his lips. 




Timmy’s previous person is a veteran.  He served our country.  With PTSD, he had periods of time where he simply couldn’t care for Timmy and his other dog.  A few months ago, the two dogs were left alone in his apartment for a week. 




When he arrived, at 1:15, he was shaking.  His whole world has been turned upside down and inside out.




We visited our veterinarian, Dr. Prior, at the Park City Animal Clinic.  He gave us delicious wet food that Timmy could eat. 


I don’t think Timmy hears very well, but he goes up and down the stairs.  He can jump up on the sofa. 




And, now, he is safe.




Timmy is a hero.




About Julie Hooker

I'm a teacher, writer, and editor. In addition, I'm an animal rescuer, yogi, and friend.
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5 Responses to Welcome Timmy

  1. Oh, Julie, he’s beautiful! I’m glad he found his home.


  2. kimba5900 says:

    You are amazing!


  3. kimba5900 says:

    Thank you Julie Hooker! The world needs more people like you❤


  4. Christie Lynn Bonham says:

    Timmy has found the best hu mom and pack, no doubt he will be treated with love, respect, grace and dignity. Not to mention fun, cuddles and good grub! So proud of you, he is adorable too. Xoxo


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