First World Problem

First World Problem

Text Messaging Before Neil Gaiman’s Interview

FRIEND:          What are you wearing tonight?

ME:                 I’m going to wear the pencil skirt you like and a white blouse.124-20140125_WillCadena.com_-_LICapparel_Ret_small

I’m having a fashion mishap. My wool cape is at my mother’s house, so I have to wear my raincoat.1397357_654237611287229_1050286366_o

FullSizeRender (2)

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Well, You Are Middle-Aged Now

Me:      I have never been a procrastinator, nor have I struggled with a writing assignment. But, buckling down and drafting my commentary for my National Boards is exhausting me.

Mom:  Well, you are middle-aged now.

Me:      That is the meanest thing you’ve ever said.

Mom:  It’s true. When you’re in your forties, things start to slow down. You need more rest. It’s harder to think clearly.

Me:      Mom!

Mom:  (like the mother in the dinner scene in St. Elmo’s Fire who whispered “cancer” and “prison”) We haven’t talked about this yet, but have you started the change?

Words too Difficult to Utter

Me:      Mom!

Mom:  Your Aunt Barbara and I just thought some ladies were the biggest boobs about it.

Me:      Interesting choice of words.

Mom:  Oh, Julie. Stop making jokes. Really. Hot flashes aren’t that bad.

imgres images-2

Me:      Mom! Stop. Please. I’ll let you know when I start the change. In the meantime, let’s never speak of it again.

I hung up feeling like a 12-year-old girl.

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If It’s Sunday . . .


If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press.

At eighteen, Dwight introduced me to the joy of the “talking heads” on Sunday Morning. Together, we watched Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt, Meet the Press, and Face the Nation.


Dwight told me, “I need to watch my Sunday morning programs, so I can make important decisions.”

I watch our Sunday morning programs to remember, to learn, and to think.

On Friday, I walked into an eighth grade U.S. History class as they finished watching a news clip that ended with, “If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press.” A boy exclaimed, “My parents watch that every Sunday!” I was ecstatic to know that the tradition continues with new generations in other families.

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Today, at 11:56 am in Nepal, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake shook Nepal, less than 50 miles from Kathmandu. I was glued to the news, just like Dwight.

When they announced that it was near Kathmandu, I remembered bringing our kitten, the Cat, Mandu, home. Of course, Dwight named him.

Then, that year, Dwight had a mouse costume custom made for me.


I had just finished reading The Witches by Roald Dahl to my fourth grade class. Rather than dress as a witch, Dwight thought I should be mouse. (Read the story.)


Sitting down to follow my thoughts, I remembered that Dwight and I enjoyed an earthquake when we lived in American Towers, a high-rise condo community in downtown Salt Lake City.

Before the reprise of “Love Changes Everything,” in Aspects of Love, Rose, George’s widow says, “Oh, God I miss him so.”

Not a day goes by that I don’t say, “Oh, God I miss him so.” Not a day goes by that something does not rock me into remembering.

But, like in the musical, Aspects of Love, I enjoy “the memory of a happy moment.”

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The Hooker Trigger

A day does not go by that without a trigger setting off an assortment of happy memories with Dwight.

10 Best Housing Designs

If you were here, we would review, discuss, analyze, and celebrate.

You will always be Frank Lloyd Dwight.

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Sipping Hooker Blonde Ale in Style


In the late Eighties, when Dwight and I started seeing each other, I started shopping for him. Most of Dwight’s clothes came from Banana Republic.  He wore khaki pants with a 34″ waist and 32″ long.  His shirts, sweaters, and jackets were medium.

He had a v-neck sweater, like the one in the picture. His, however, was ivory with camel and brown around the neck.

Farasha carries Meilai Rags. She took a vintage sweater, like Dwight’s, and turned it into a chic trendsetting piece with a high-low cut.

With jeans and Converse it was the perfect outfit to wear to sip Hooker Blonde Ale at my neighborhood tap room.

Coco Chanel was right.  Fashion changes.  But, Dwight’s style endures.

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Reality check, this is 2015 not the 80’s


I love this! Tights are not leggings. Leggings are not pants.

Originally posted on amourashley:


I don’t know why but for some reason some people have started to consider tights/leggings as pants. THEY ARE NOT PANTS! If you leave the house with them on you might as well walk around with your birthday suit on.  Tights are designed to be worn under your dress/skirt ect, they are not a separate piece of clothing. Leggings are designed to act as pants/tights under overlarge sweaters.

As i was in university the other day, getting ready for my lecture, a girl walked past me wearing a pair of see through tights with floral underwear inside them and she was wearing a crop top to top it off. We could assume that maybe she ripped her skirt and was forced to walk around with only tights on but me and you both know that was not the case. Leaving the house with just tights on is like leaving the house with…

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