Snow Safety for Dogs


For Gus, a poodle-mix, it was all fun and games until the snow balled up turning him into a mini Michelin Man who couldn’t waddle home.

Three tricks that keep curly-furred friends safe in the snow:

1.  Spray olive oil on their paws to keep the snow from bunching up between toes.

2.  Ask the stylist to do a short trim on the legs.

3.  Get a fashionable jacket.

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Obama to Give Legal Status to Almost 5 Million Undocumented Immigrants


“We are and always will be a nation of immigrants.”

Originally posted on TIME:

President Barack Obama announced Thursday he is granting temporary legal status and work permits to almost five million undocumented immigrants living in the country illegally, the largest single immigration action in modern American history.

More than four million undocumented immigrants who are the parents of U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident children will receive new legal status under Obama’s executive action, if they have been living in the country for at least five years, pay back taxes, and pass a criminal background check.

Obama, who will formally take the action on Friday at an event in Las Vegas, will also offer temporary status to several hundred thousand immigrants who came to the country as children, but did not qualify for his action on deferred deportations in 2012. This group includes those who were born before 1981 and those who arrived in the U.S. between June 15, 2007 and Jan. 1…

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The Man in the Orange Apron

The Man in the Orange Apron


Curious George has The Man in the Yellow Hat to help him navigate life in the big city. I have A Man in the Orange Apron to help me with everything from propane to rakes. My man lives in the Home Depot.


Like the motto of House Stark in Game of Thrones is “winter is coming.” Therefore, I started thinking about the snow blower. It needs gas mixed with oil.

Winter is coming this weekend. If I don’t get all of the snow off the driveway, it will ice up for the next five months.

So, I made a stop at the Home Depot.

After finding a man in an orange apron in the light bulb section. . .


Me:      (Holding a two-gallon red plastic gas can and a big bottle of 2-cycle oil.)   Pardon me. (I smiled.) Hello. Would you mind helping me?

The Man in the Orange Apron:       What do you need?

Me:      How do I unscrew the lid? (Yes, I knew how stupid I sounded.)

The Man in the Orange Apron: Ugh. These are the worst. Let me do it for you.

Me:      (Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I don’t really want help. I want someone to do it for me.)

The Man in the Orange Apron: Press this tab, then twist.

Me:      (Nodding and feigning attentiveness.)


The Man in the Orange Apron: (Inserting the yellow nozzle.) When you fill, this presses down. It can’t leak unless this is pressed.

Me: (Still nodding as if I was tracking the details. But, thinking, “stick it in and pour, right?”) Now, what do I do with this? (I held out the bottle of oil.)


The Man in the Orange Apron: Don’t you have a man at home to do this?

Me: (Smiling.) No. (If there was a man in my home, do you think I’d be here, with you, my Man in the Orange Apron?)


The Man in the Orange Apron: You don’t need this much. You just need the little bottle. Follow me. I’ll show you.

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Say “Treats!” Tips for Taking Great Pet Photos


Great advice. Holiday photo time!

Originally posted on FACE Foundation:

We’ve all grabbed the camera and taken a quick picture when we see our pets do something cute. But how do you take that special photograph of your dog or cat, one that shows them at their best? We asked professional San Diego pet photographer Allison Shamrell of Allison Shamrell Pet Photography for some advice.

Allison and Bailey

              Allison and Bailey

An experienced pet photographer and student of animal psychology and body language, Allison believes in the importance of highlighting your pet’s unique beauty and personality. Here are Allison’s top pet photography tips, using her work as examples:


  1. Get on their level! Shooting close to the ground from your pet’s perspective makes your pictures more interesting.


  1. Look for the light. The best place to take pictures, especially action shots, is outdoors. If you stay inside, make sure you uncover all windows for the best natural light.


  1. Make it fun for your pet! Your pets…

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Setting the Bar High (CRAZY Dog Lady)

Setting the Bar High


“Setting the bar” means creating a standard or level that others strive to reach.

Yesterday, after meeting Houston, the fifth dog to share my home, my neighbor noted, “You set the bar high for a CRAZY dog lady.”


Later, when I mentioned that I set the bar high to another neighbor, he agreed, “Yes. We’re not even going to try to reach it.”

In 2014, standards have been lowered and expectations plummeted to below average.

Not with me. I’m setting the bar high.

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Seeing Eyes

Seeing Eyes


When I was fourteen, a friend got glasses. I was envious. They made her look super smart.

I remember her surprise when she noticed the leaves on the trees. Before, leaves were jumbled and bunched together. They were a blur.

Thirty years later, I picked up my glasses.

While they say, “appearance is everything” and I hope I look super smart in my glasses, I was taken aback by the clarity of the text I read.


I have two pair of glasses. The lens in the tortoise shell Oakley frames makes it easier for me to drive and read signs. My Lafont glasses allow me to read.

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Houston Hooker

October 9th, 2015

Perusing Facebook on my brother’s 47th birthday, I saw Thor’s Petfinder profile on Reggie the Deaf Pit Bull’s page.



Meet Thor!

Thor and his brothers were surrendered to us by a family who had an accidental litter and needed help finding responsible homes for them.

Thor is DEAF, but he does not let that get in his way! He is happy, outgoing, and very smart. He responds well to signs and will be easy to train with signs.

Thor is about 9 weeks old. A SUPER CUTE lab / cattle dog mix. We were told dad was in the 70 pound range, so Thor could grow up to be a BIG boy.

Thor has been well socialized with other dogs (large and small) and cats. He LOVES to play with his brothers, nap on the couch, and investigate the yard. We are working on his house and leash training. He is kennel trained.

Thor is not old enough to be neutered yet, but he will be as soon as he is old enough. Adopters must sign a spay/neuter contract affirming their understanding he will be neutered once he is old enough. He is current on his shots.

Thor is very smart and incredibly friendly. He loves everyone and everything he meets!

Thor’s adoption fee is $250 (which includes all of his vetting – shots, neuter, and microchip).

If you would like more information on adopting Thor , please email LC at

With spotted ears, a pink and black nose, and soft eyes, I was charmed.

Two days later, I messaged LC at Reggie’s Friends and asked if anyone was interested in Thor.

LC’s responded, “No. No hits on him yet. He is PERFECT beyond PERFECT. So sweet and SMART!”

Since I could not stop thinking about him, I wrote, “If we could arrange transport, I’d be happy to adopt him.”

Having been one of Reggie’s friends on Facebook for years, LC replied, “I would LOVE for him to be with you—I’d know he was safe and loved forever.

Because he was on my mind, I started thinking about names.

I messaged, “Since Thor is from Texas, he is either going to Woodrow Call, Ranger or Cowboy. Which name suits him best?”

“I think Ranger is perfect for him!” exclaimed LC.

On Monday, October 13th, I asked about Ranger. LC replied, “He is great. He is home with us. He is having some separation anxiety with his brothers being adopted, so he is much happier when he is with the pack. He is SUPER sweet.”

Then came the really good news.

LC wrote, “I’m looking at a flight that would get him into SLC on Friday at 12:09 your time. Pick up is usually within an hour. Sometimes they are slow getting the dogs across the tarmac, but they pull them from the plane first and put them in climate controlled vans.”


But, when Ranger flew in on Friday, he became Houston Hooker. Houston was easier for my mom to remember.


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